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Kristen Caissie

By Samantha Hahn on 09/18/17

Kristen Caissie
Kristen Caissie is a renowned floral designer in LA whose brand is dreamily named “Moon Canyon.” Her creative philosophy is to tell stories with her work and embark on fresh adventures, creating mood and crafting a tale. On her site, she’s quoted in saying, “It’s very simple, we work with flowers because they speak to us. We create arrangements for our clients because they need flowers to speak for them. We tell the stories through a season, a composition, a poetic floral movement.“ I love the concept that flowers can tell a story. Our favorite LA-based photographer Nicki Sebastian visiting Kristen in her home and took these beautiful photos. I’m excited to chat with Kristen to see how her creative philosophy spills over to her family and reading life.
QL: Hi Kristen, Thank you so much for inviting us into your space. I’m always a bit envious when I see Nicki’s photos of LA families. It seems that the outdoors is as much a part of home life as being inside. I imagine that as a floral designer you relish time in nature. Tell us about the time you spend outside and what it means to you and your family.
KC: You are so welcome! Thank you for coming by!
We are always outdoors. My husband and I both love walking in Griffith or Elysian parks. We're also members of the Huntington Gardens. I think I take Henry there 3-4 times a month. He loves the Japanese Gardens and seeing all the coy fish. Henry, our son, is also a big nature kid! He can name several trees and plants from our walks. I'm always so impressed when my two-year old says " at the flowers on that Jacaranda tree" or when he speaks about the sycamore trees losing their leaves. It means the world to us to be able to live so intimately with nature while also living in a major city. It's one of the only reasons we can survive it here it think!
QL: I see that you have reading space inside but that you also love to read on a blanket with your little one. What is your/his favorite reading space?
KC: Henry loves picnics. So we often take books and a snack with us out into the yard or to the park. I love reading in bed as well...getting cozy and snuggling up together with a stack of books.
QL: What are some books you enjoy reading to him? Does he have any favorite stories?
KC: We go to the library a lot so every week we switch up our book selection. We do have a few "standards" that live by our bedside. He loves anything with a rhyme in at the moment. He's in a big nursery rhyme phase. Henry also loves learning about space and dinosaurs. So we have some of those neat flip books where facts and stories are revealed under the flap. 
I love reading those to him as well since I feel I get to learn new things as well!
QL: When you were little what were some of your favorite books and stories? 
KC: I remember really enjoying all the Dr. Seuss books! 
QL: Are there any special books you look forward to reading together with your son when he’s a bit older?
KC: My husband and I both really enjoy the Harry Potter books and think Henry will love them as well!
QL: When did you know that flowers were your calling? Did you have art and design books around your home growing up? What are some books that have been inspirational to you in your work?
KC: Honestly I do not remember having any gardening books or floral books around the house. I recall seeing cookbooks and being inspired by table settings and thinking the "tables" were always s beautifully put together.  Nature is the constant inspiration. Being in nature and surrounded by beauty is the most important thing to me. 
QL: Which fictional character from a children’s book is your favorite? Does your son have a favorite character?
KC: I adore Madeline...and so does he! We are always asking ourselves what Madeleine would do in any situation. 
QL: What are your personal reading habits? (I know it’s so hard to carve out time for yourself when you are a mom and business owner as well as creative). 
KC: It's SO HARD!!! I was a literature major and so for me, reading has always been a big part of my life. With being a mom and business owner I feel like I never have any time. These days I've been reading a few parenting books...mainly regarding discipline for toddlers and how the toddler's brains and emotions develop. But I never get a chance to read poetry anymore or novels. HA! 

By Samantha Hahn on 09/18/17

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