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John & Riley, Founders of Gunner & Lux + Little Lux

By Samantha Hahn on 07/19/17

John & Riley, Founders of Gunner & Lux + Little Lux
“Being a BOOKWORM, the joy of reading as you fall into different adventures and fun stories is something you will take with you for your whole life.”


7 year old Riley and her dad John are talented Atlanta based jewelry designers for adults and kids alike with their respective collections Gunner & Lux and Little Lux. When launching quarterlane Kids, we thought who better than this imaginative duo to curate a box for the discerning 6-8 year old set. We love the books Riley chose and are super into the custom Bookworm necklace she made for to include in her box. Read on as I chat with Riley and John about the stories that have inspired them, what Riley loves about the books in the Gunner & Lux box and what’s on her reading list. All photography by Kimberly Murray.

QL: Hi John + Riley, first off thank you so much for being part of our very first season of quarterlane Kids. In fact, you're our first guest curator. Who could be better than you Riley to select the best books for girls 6-8 years old? Can you tell us how you went about choosing the books for this amazing box? Thank you for also putting the Bookworm necklace in there for the kids who order the box.


R&J: We are both huge BOOKWORMS and we love reading. Smile is just a really great graphic novel for any kid who goes through any awkward stages / ups and downs and just discovering who you are.  The Wild Robot really stuck with Riley, this was one of the first chapter books she picked up and read in 2 days.  The Bad Kitty books are just laugh out loud funny and perfect when you need a fun read.  

QL: Riley, what are some other favorite stories?


1. Iggy Peck Architect

2. Fantastic Beasts 

3. President Taft 

QL: Riley, do you like reading on your own or do you like being read to? I'm a total grown-up and I still enjoy listening to a good story. 

Riley: I like both! 


QL: John and Riley, is there a book you read together recently? 


R&J: Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

QL: Riley, do you remember the first book you read on your own? 


Riley: Goodnight Moon, I think.


QL: John and Riley, what's your absolute favorite children's book? 


John: And Tango Makes Three 


Riley: Princess Black


QL: John and Riley, favorite character and why? 


R&J: Iggy Peck, because he is smart, crafty and a little sassy! & Princess Black because she dresses like a ninja!


QL: John, do you remember some of your favorite stories from childhood? Have you read those to Riley? 


John: The Giving Tree for sure, and we have read that book (my copy from when I was a kid ) to Riley many many times! 

QL: Riley, we love your Little Lux jewelry. It's so full of fun, whimsy, and color. What are your favorite colors? Is it too hard to choose? 


Riley: Pink and Greenish Blue!!


QL: Riley, do you make jewelry alongside your dad? Are you inspired by his work? 


Riley: Yes, we both work on our own stuff and we work together.  We get inspired by all kinds of stuff.


QL: Riley, what inspired you to make the bookworm necklace? Are you an official bookworm? 

 Riley: I have more books in my room than the library, and when my dad told me I was a “bookworm” I knew I needed to make a necklace! We love encouraging young readers and want them to wear their LITTLE LUX “BOOKWORM” necklace with great pride! Being a BOOKWORM, the joy of reading as you fall into different adventures and fun stories is something you will take with you for your whole life.


QL: Riley, what's on your reading list that we should check out? 


Riley: Everyone should read Good Night For Rebel Girls.  It’s SOOOOOOO GOOOD!!  I am also reading Otherworld Chronicles: The Invisible Tower! My friend wrote the series.

By Samantha Hahn on 07/19/17

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